Nasi 7 Benua

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Nasi 7 Benua consists of nasi putih, nasi lemak, nasi hujan, nasi tomato, nasi kerabu, nasi kacang and nasi minyak



5 cup Cap Roda Beras Super
Food colouring (pink, green, yellow, purple)



Fried Chicken/ Fried Fish
Tomato (cut into 4 slices)
2 Big Chillies
Banana leaf



1. Cook the rice and mix in the food colouring
2. Mix the rice with your preferred choice of sides
3. Serve the rice on a banana leaf

This recipe is suitable for any of Sazarice’s white rice range. Sazarice’s white rice is a signature blend that will make it the star of any rice dish with its slightly firm and non-sticky texture.

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